Retaking PSC 1 or 41

I am repeating PSC1 or PSC41, and I already completed some or all of the research requirement. Do I have to start over?

If you are repeating PSC 1 or 41, and you earned research credits when you took the class the first time, then you do not need to repeat the credits. To fulfill the requirement for the current session you must:

  1. Email the Subject Pool Coordinator, at, tell them that you are repeating the class and want to reuse the credits you have previously completed.
  2. Include your full name, student ID number, and the quarter you originally took the course in your email.
  3. The subject pool coordinator will apply your previously-earned credits to your current PSC1 or PSC41 class.
Can I reassign the credits myself?

No, the Subject Pool Coordinator has to do it for you. If you try to reassign credits from previous quarters, look closely at your account, and you will see that it does not actually work. The reassign feature is for current quarter credits only.

Will my old credits be automatically applied if I am repeating PSC1 or 41?

No, it does not happen automatically. If you do not tell the Subject Pool Coordinator that you want to reuse your credits, you will earn an Incomplete in the class.

How do I know how many credits I have completed in previous quarters and for what courses?

You can see your credits for old classes on your schedule and credits page. Archived credits are in the comment column on the far right.

I earned more than 6 credits the last time I took PSC1 or PSC41. Can I use those credits for extra credit?

No. You can only reuse the 6 required credits.

Can I use credits from PSC1 for PSC41?

No. You CANNOT use your credits from PSC 1 to fulfill your requirement for PSC 41 (or vice versa). You can only use credits for the same course if you are retaking it.