Completing the DSUR

What is the DSUR survey?

It is a series of questionnaires put together by UC Davis social science researchers. The survey is different each quarter, and researchers use the survey to help select qualified participants for their studies.

When should I complete the DSUR?

It should be taken early  in the quarter before you take other online surveys. It is an online study and counts toward your online study limit.

But I did another online study first and used up too many of my online study credits, and now I cannot take the DSUR. Isn’t there anything you can do?

No. The limit for online studies is firm. You can take 50% of your credits each quarter in online studies. If you do not know how many credits that is, multiply the number or credits you can earn this quarter by .50. You cannot go over this number, and it may mean you cannot take the prescreen. If you want to understand why there is a limit on online studies, please read that section of the FAQ.

Do I have to take the DSUR?

No, participation is voluntary.

I completed the DSUR in a previous quarter, can I take it again?

Yes. The DSUR changes from quarter to quarter, so students are allowed to retake it. In fact, researchers need students to retake the DSUR every quarter.

When will I receive credit for the DSUR?

You will receive  credit for completing the DSUR as soon as you have completed the entire survey. If you do not received credit for the prescreening after completing it, contact the Subject Pool Coordinator at

An error occurred while I was taking the DSUR, what do I do?

Email the exact error message you received (along with your student ID) to the Subject Pool Coordinator