Assigning or Reassigning Credit

My credit is assigned to Course “X,” but I want it assigned to Course “Y” instead. What should I do?
  • Sign into your SONA account.
  • Under “My Schedule & Credits”,  select “View studies I’ve participated in, and see if credit has been granted.”
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will see the studies you are signed up for or have completed.
  • To reassign credit from once course to another, click the “reassign” button in the “course” column.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you can choose the course you want to reassign the credit to.
My credit is “Unassigned” and I want it assigned to Course “X” instead. What should I do?

Follow the instructions above.

What if the course I want to reassign the credit to does not appear in the list?

This means you have to add the course to your SONA profile. To do so, go to the “My Profile” page in the upper right hand corner of your SONA account. Under “Credits” select, “Change Courses”. You will be taken to a list of courses, and you should make sure all the courses you would like to apply SONA credit to are transferred from the “Available Courses” box to the “Selected Courses” box.

Can I reassign credits from previous quarters?

No. You cannot. The reassign button can only be used for credits you have earned during the current quarter. Credits from previous quarters are archived and cannot be used again. It may look like you can reassign previous credits, but it actually does not work. If you previously completed credits for a course you ended up dropping, contact the subject pool coordinator so they can apply those credits to the current quarter for you.

Can I use credits from PSC1 for PSC41?

No. You CANNOT use your credits from PSC 1 to fulfill your requirement for PSC 41 (or vice versa). You can only use credits for the same course if you are retaking it.

If you are repeating PSC1 or PSC41 and already completed some or all of your credits, notify the Subject Pool Coordinator, at They can look over your account and apply previous credits for you.