Deadline Spring Quarter 2024: You must participate in research or submit your papers by Thursday, June 6th at 5PM.

This website provides information about the research participation requirement for PSC 1, PSC 41 and PSC 1Y. It also provides information for those enrolled in PSC, CMN HDE, and LIN courses that offer extra credit in exchange for research participation.

You will sign up for research studies and track your progress using the SONA website located here: ucdavis.sona-systems.com. For instructions on how to use the SONA website (with pictures) click here.

You may choose to write Research Papers in order to earn credit instead of participating in research. For information on this option click here.

Please refer to the FAQ in the sidebar for question you have about participating in research.

An overview of SONA participation can be found here in the SONA Research Participation Letter – SP 2024.