Online Studies

What is my limit for online studies?

Only 35% of your course credits can come from online (web) studies. To calculate the number of credits you can do in online studies, simply multiply the total number of credits you can earn for the current quarter by 0.35. Credits are offered in increments of .5; thus you should round down to the nearest half credit. For example, if your 35% comes out to 1.75, you can earn 1.5 credits in online studies.

Why is there a limit for online studies?

Online studies are convenient, and you can do them at home in your pajamas! Therefore nearly everyone wants to do online studies. Who wouldn’t? However, researchers with in-person studies need participants, too. Additionally, participating in a study in person gives you experience you would not get in an online study.

I’m trying to sign up for an online study, but it won’t let me. Why?

It is because of the online-study limit discussed above. When you attempt to sign up for an online study, you may see this message: “Sign-up prohibited. With this sign-up, you would exceed the maximum number of credits from Online Studies.” If you can earn 2 online study credits, and you have already signed up for or earned 1.5, then you can only sign up for .5 more. The system will block you from signing up for more than you can earn. When you receive this message, it is only referring to online studies. It means that your remaining credits must come from attending studies in person.

What should I do after I sign up for an online study?

Many online studies can be started right away. If this is the case, you should see a link that says “Complete Survey Now.” If you cannot start it right away, when you return to your list of studies, click on “View Study Website.” Do not wait until the time listed on the timeslot. For online studies, this timeslot is actually the deadline for when the study must be completed. If you wait until the deadline, you will not be able to participate. Some online studies require the researcher to send you a link. If this is the case, it should be clear to you when you sign up.

I tried to start an online study at the time listed on the timeslot, and the Sona system will not let me do it. Why?

This is because the timeslot listed for an online study is actually the deadline when the study must be completed. See the previous question.

I completed an online study and did not receive immediate credit. What should I do?

Be patient. Some online studies are credited automatically, and some are credited by the researcher. Wait at least 48 hours before contacting the researcher about any credits you feel you are missing.