Paid Studies

Paid Research Studies

The Psychology Department has recently launched a website that allows people to more easily sign up for research studies that will compensate them with money or gift cards!

Please go to this webpage and make a user profile:
Your user profile will make it easier for researchers to recruit you to be in their studies if you are eligible, so be sure to include an email address that you check regularly.

Important Clarifications:
1) This website is separate from the for-credit system you may use to earn research credits for a course. That is, if you took part in a study for a course it does not mean that you’ll automatically have an account in the new paid system. Any studies you sign up for through the paid system will have no impact on your research requirement and only offer money or gift cards. Any studies you sign up for through the for-credit system will not offer money or gift cards, just course credit.

2) You may not see any studies when you first sign up. This is because these studies are very popular, and timeslots go quickly. Be sure to check back often, and if you receive an email inviting you to sign up for a study in the paid system, respond quickly.

3) You do not need to be a student to use this system. Anyone in the broader Davis area is welcome to make an account and sign up for studies.

4) Studies may be on campus, off-campus in the City of Davis, or in Sacramento. Be sure to read the study description carefully.

5) Studies vary in the type of compensation they are offering. Some may pay cash, others may offer gift cards, and others are looking for unpaid volunteers. Again, the study description will contain clarification as to the type of compensation.

6) If you wish to delete your user profile, email