Appointments: Cancellations, No-shows, Tardiness, etc.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Log into the system to see a list of experiments you are signed up for. If it is not too late to cancel your appointment, you will see a little blue button in the far right column that says “cancel.” A new page will come up asking if you are sure you want to cancel. Click on the red button that says, “Yes, I want to cancel.”

What do I do if it is too late to cancel an appointment, and I cannot participate in the study?

If you have a good reason that you will miss the appointment, email the experimenter in charge of that experiment, explain why you will miss the appointment, and ask him/her to cancel your appointment. If you do not email the experimenter, and you do not show up, you will be marked as a no-show.

How do I find the researchers’ contact information?

Click on the name of the study in the far left column of your list of studies. You will be taken to a page that gives you the names of the experimenters and principal investigator. There will also be links to email the researchers.

What happens if I miss an experiment?

If you miss an experiment and did not notify the researcher ahead of time, that is called a no-show. If you are an unexcused no-show for 2 experiments, you will no longer be allowed to sign up for experiments for the current quarter. You should definitely show up for any studies that you have scheduled.

Any research credits you still need to fulfill will have to be earned by completing the paper option. Note: Like everything else with the research requirement, no-shows will not affect your letter grade, but they could affect your credibility.

But, what if I missed an experiment because of an emergency?

An emergency is defined as some event BEYOND YOUR CONTROL that requires your immediate attention. Signing up for an experiment during lecture, then deciding to go to lecture does not constitute an emergency.

If you miss an experiment because of an emergency please contact THE EXPERIMENTER as soon as possible and advise him or her of the situation. How to contact the experimenter is answered in a question above. The experimenter may then choose not to report you as a “no-show.” The experimenter may also ask you to reschedule your appointment. Please be aware the experimenter may ask for documentation as evidence of your emergency.

What happens if I am late for an experiment?

Give yourself plenty of time to find the building and room of the experiment. Late arrivals can disrupt experiments or mess up the schedule for subsequent participants. Therefore, if you show up late, then you may not be able to participate, and you will not receive credit. If you are late for an experiment, then you will be considered a “no-show.” The consequences for accumulating 2 “no-shows” is explained above under “What happens if I miss an experiment?”

What if the experimenter cancels my appointment?

Experimenters may cancel appointments at any time. You will not receive any credit for experiments that are cancelled with more than a 24-hour lead time. Experimenters are, however, required to give you either 1/2 credit (for 1/2 credit studies) or 1 credit (all other studies) for any experiment they cancel less than 24 hours before the experiment is to start. An e-mail notification will be sent to you regarding any cancellation.

What if the experimenter is late?

Experimenters who are more than 15 minutes late are required to give you either 1/2 credit (for 1/2 credit studies) or 1 credit (all other studies). You are under no obligation to participate in the experiment, however if you do decide to participate, you will not get any additional credit beyond the original number of credits listed.

What if the experimenter does not show up?

Experimenters who fail to show up for an appointment are required to give you the full amount of credit for the experiment. Be sure to contact experimenters right away so that you can receive your credit. If you are unable to resolve the problem with the experimenter, then contact the Subject Pool Coordinator,  at