PAID Research Participation

Are you interested in earning money by participating in UC Davis research studies?  The Departments of Psychology, Communications, and Linguistics are currently offering paid research opportunities through their SONA Research Participation System here.

How do I sign up? To create an account you can visit the website here and select “Request Account”. Signing up is free and available to UC Davis students, staff, faculty, and affiliates, as well as community members who are not affiliated with UC Davis.

What kinds of studies would I participate in? The research studies are offered by the Departments of Psychology, Communications, and Linguistics so the studies may include computer tasks, testing out products, brain imagining, completing surveys, or interacting with others. You will be able to read a description of the study before you sign up to make sure it is something you want to be a part of.

How much am I paid for participating? Study compensation ranges from $5 to $200.

How long so the studies last? Most studies last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. However, some studies are shorter, and others are longer. Some may also involve multiple visits to the lab. You can choose the studies that work best with your schedule.

When can I participate? Studies are available all year long (including the summer)! Studies are added to the website every week, so be sure to check the website frequently to see what is available.

Where are the studies located? Most studies take place in one of two locations: (1) the UCD Center for Mind and Brain at 267 Cousteau Place, Davis CA, or (2) in a research lab on the UCD Main Campus (next to downtown Davis). When you sign up for a study, you will be given the exact location.

For more information about creating an account, please contact me at: