Assigning or Reassigning Credit

My credit isn’t counting towards my class, what do I do?

If you are taking more than one class for which you are doing research participation, you should make sure your credits are assigned to the correct courses.

My credit is assigned to Course “X,” but I want it assigned to Course “Z” instead. What should I do?

To reassign the credit, go to the “My schedule/credits” heading and click the “reassign” link in the “course” column. You will be taken to a new page where you can reassign the credit.

Can I reassign credits from previous quarters?

No. You cannot. The reassign button can only be used for credits you have earned during the current quarter. Credits from previous quarters are archived and cannot be used again. It may look like you can reassign previous credits, but it actually does not work.

Can I use credits from PSC1 for PSC41?

No. You CANNOT use your credits from PSC 1 to fulfill your requirement for PSC 41 (or vice versa). You can only use credits for the same course if you are retaking it.

If you are repeating PSC1 or PSC41 and already completed some or all of your credits, notify the Subject Pool Coordinator, at They can look over your account and apply previous credits for you.